Our Plan

Te Mahere Pae Tawhiti

A Long Term Plan (LTP) is councils' key strategic document for allocating budget over the next 10 years and we are required to produce one under the Local Government Act (LGA) 2002. The LTP outlines Greater Wellington's strategic direction, vision, community outcomes, strategic priorities and key activities for the next 10 years.

Download an accessible version of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan. (PDF 16 MB)


Our climate goal

In August 2019, Greater Wellington joined a growing community around the world by declaring a climate emergency.  This declaration signalled a step change in how Greater Wellington addresses its response to the climate crisis. Our leadership is crucial and the closing window of opportunity to prevent the worst effects of climate change demands an extraordinary response.

As part of this response, Council set an ambitious target to be carbon neutral by 2030, which in this case means we will reduce our carbon emissions and balance the remaining emissions by establishing new forests. Alongside carbon neutrality, Council set an even more ambitious target to be climate positive by 2035, meaning we will remove more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than we emit.

Our emissions reduction pathway is set out in our Long Term Plan.

Carbon reduction pathway

Our Integrated Strategy

This Long Term Plan is driven by our strategy for the next 10 years – the Integrated Strategy. The Integrated Strategy combines our Long Term Plan Strategic Framework and Māori Outcomes Framework to provide clear strategic direction for the organisation, and ensure all of the mahi we do works towards our vision; creating an extraordinary region with a thriving environment, connected communities and a resilient future.

The whare represents the past, present and future, and is a unifying space where people come together to develop shared understanding. Each part of the whare is essential to the success of the overall structure.

Download our Integrated Strategy document. (PDF 132 KB)

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